Why Blogging Failed In 2020 ? Exposed !!

Now today in 2020 every person is doing blogging in his life. in most of the Ways:-

Some is investing money in blogging and some is using Blogger for free.

The successful bloggers start doing blogging from 2009 to 2010. In that time competition is very low.

Now Countries like United states, Canada, Australia and india also have youths population. They all are finding ways to start making money Online.

When they open google and search the ways to start making cash, Google suggests blogging, in the most of the list but now this is not a good way it’s totally time waste.

Today we are telling and exposing why?

Why Blogging Failed In 2020 ?

Blogging failed

When we hear about the blogging word and the lifestyle of any inspiring blogger our mind gets motivated to write articles and getting Adsense approval and start making money in some weeks.

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Really? blogging is simple?

Is blogging really simple?

The answer is no !! Because if you are creating a same niche on already used topic by millions of bloggers so you are failed to create a profitable blog. If you are thinking that blogging is only writing articles and providing safe & secure content to your users and solving their problems so you are wrong.

This is wrong because some Question answers giving websites such as; Quora and Some websites same as twitter, and now in 2020 bloggers are creating youtube channel to maximize their revenue and providing Information to you.

Why Should people Visit Your Blog?

You need to think that why should people visit your blog? If you are planning to Create a website like Gadgets Ndtv and Gadgets 360 with more than 1000+ content writers so you are successful in the way of blogging but bruh! in starting days you have to pay your content writers, If you have some money to invest.

Also If you don’t have money to Invest Either you can choose a topic which have low competition and different from others. Because some websites Like:-

  • Tech
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Food Blogs
  • Lyrics and music
  • Coupon codes
  • Movie downloading website
  • Jobs and results website

All these niches are already used, so keep in mind that you don’t have to create any website or niches we have talked about.

If you are alone in blogging and you have decided to create website or blog in these niches so you will definitely fail.

Any more Ways To success In Blogging?

There is only one way that is choosing a unique content that is different from others and competition is too low. but the traffic is high.

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Either if you have Big investment upto 500$ to 1000$ so you have to hire best content writers, Web developers and SEO Workers so you will definitely make money in Blogging or website development.

Is there any way to Make money Without Blogging ?

Yes absolutely! there are many more ways to make money without doing Blogging. You can Join Upwork, Freelancing and Fiverr Websites to get clients if you know web development, SEO Search engine optimization, Writing Seo friendly articles creating Logos Images, or if you are entrepreneur so you find clients and take money from them.

From these ways you can Earn Upto 1000$ to 5000$ per month In indian rupees 70,000₹ to 350,000 per month.

Why Most of the Bloggers are failed In blogging 2020 ?

Because they don’t have patience and they don’t know what is right? or what is wrong they want results Just in some weeks or days but blogging needs upto 3 months to 6 months to get strong results.

Blogging is really Dead in 2020 ?

Blogging is not died in 2020 but all the niches and contents are already covered so most of the bloggers getting problem to find a unique and Profitable content.

Why Blogging is Failed in 2020? Real reason!!

Because Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook replaced Blogging most of the users don’t search their Questions in Google they search on Youtube, And many other videos website, so this is the big reason of blogging is failure.

How many Bloggers are successful Per Year?

According to a survey report There are upto 35% bloggers achieve success in their Blogs and get strong results.

Final Conclusion and Last words About Why Blogging failed in 2020? Exposed!!

we’ve show you all these things why blogging failed in 2020 and why most of the bloggers are fail and How many blogs gets success in one year? we hope you like this please share with your friends. Also please Visit https://www.sure-jobs.in/

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