New Seo Friendly Article Writing Tool 2020

In Blogging or web development there are many things are important to do in which There is a one thing:-

Yes we are talking about article Writing , In 2020 Article writing is a skill.

which we don’t learn in exchange of money. It comes with regular practice and it is easy to write an article.

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Why Blogging is failed in 2020?

But Writing a SEO Friendly article is too difficult. In wordpress there are many Seo tools are available but In Blogger nothing.

A blogger user don’t know how to write a SEO friendly article he just follow instructions about heading subheadings images and links.

New Seo Friendly Article Writing Tool 2020

We are telling about A best SEO friendly tool for those bloggers who are using blogger who don’t know how to write a article ?

The name of the tool is Heming way App,

Heming way app is more better and responsible than yoast seo or rank math plugin of WordPress.

Bloggers can also use this website for wordpress. If they don’t like yoast and rank math.

Introduction About Hemingway app

In hemingway app you can write articles online, and it will tell you is it ready for Seo or not?

If you are making any type of mistakes writing any article so it will tell you verbs adverbs, readability and more…

How to use Hemingway app New Seo Friendly Article Writing Tool 2020

In this image you can see that Below the grade 6 words is showing.

  • Adverbs meeting the goal
  • 1 use of passive voice
  • 1 Phrase alternative

So all these are problems this counting should be 0 so when the counting will be 0 so your article is ready for Seo.

Hemingway app

By clicking on Bold Option in upper menu your text will be bold automatically, italic H1,H2 , H3 buttons are also available in this website.

It will show you readability grade and word counter and how many characters are available in your article?

Also there are 2 more options are available in hemingway app That is write and edit option by clicking on write you can write the article and clicking on edit you are able to edit the article.

Rewrite articles is ready for SEO?

No in the 2020 google core update policies has changed,

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But writing articles is difficult it needs good readability and Easy reading words or grammar needs too be correct.

Is Paraphrasing is Good?

No you can’t translated the article to english to another language,

because google doesn’t rank and index those articles which includes paraphrase.

Final Conculsion New Seo Friendly Article Writing Tool 2020

Hemingway app is the new seo friendly article writing tool and also we can say that

This tool is better than plugins of wordpress and specially for bloggers who don’t know how to write articles?

Our main motive is too tell you writing articles perfectly!!

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